El Dorado, Kansas

Transload Facility

El Dorado, Kansas

The El Dorado terminal is an important hub for the transportation of amines and other hazardous materials. At this large facility, Customers will not only find a transmodal terminal with plenty of room to accommodate their business, but a team of highly skilled operators who specialize in handling HAZMAT products safely and efficiently.

Rail Services

  • 120 railcar spots
  • BNSF access
  • BNSF premier transload facility

Transload Services

  • Truck-to-rail, rail-to-truck service
  • HAZMAT capable
  • Railcar mover
  • 2 transload carts with meter and stair rack
  • Water lines available
  • Certified truck scale

Inventory Management

  • SIT yard storage
  • Additional space available upon request