Birmingham, Alabama

Transload Facility

Birmingham, Alabama

Savage’s Birmingham operation is a key provider of lumber services in the country. Staffed by a large team with ample space for storage and transportation, this facility serves as a critical hub for building materials and palletized commodities on the journey to their final destination.

Rail Services

  • 19 railcar spots
  • 10 single-side access spots
  • 3 tracks
  • BNSF served with reciprocal switch access for CSX and NS
  • BNSF premier transload facility

Transload Services

  • Rail-to-truck service
  • Railcar mover
  • Certified truck scale

Inventory Management

  • Over 60,000 square feet of interior storage
  • Fully fenced perimeter with neighboring land owned by Savage
  • Additional space available upon request