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Savage Design Like an Operator

Efficient and safe site logistics are critical to your success. Get the most out of your facility by approaching design from an operator’s perspective.

Industrial EPC Made Simple

EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) is an intricate field, and no one knows this better than Savage. Our EPC services are designed to take the weight of a project off your shoulders and alleviate the complications your business may experience throughout the lifespan of a project.

What Does Consulting Engineering Do For You?

A hitch in process can quickly throw a project off course. Savage provides services that see your project through from concept to completion. Through detail-oriented consulting engineering, we refine project logistics and operations into one smooth, simplified workflow:

Project consultingProject controlsProject execution

Our Services

Our  team of multi-disciplined engineering professionals analyze your needs, and design fully-integrated solutions to optimize material flow and minimize operational costs. For maximum efficiency, Savage engineers employ their expertise in several different situations and project phases, including:

Site Logistic Assets

Figuring out site logistics is no longer a nuisance with Savage. We’ll take care of the details, including scheduling, storing, and cataloging your materials. This enhances your cost efficiency and significantly narrows the margin of error when tracking materials.

Facility Construction

Savage handles the materials and services required to support your project’s vision. Whether it’s providing building materials, installing construction apparatus, or securing materials needed for maintaining a facility, Savage will handle it.

Material Handling Systems

The engineering and construction field is no stranger to heavy-duty, specialized equipment and materials. Savage will implement effective procedures including handling, storing, and controlling the materials required for any job.

Construction Management

If you’re looking for first-rate management, trust Savage to oversee the execution of your job from beginning to end. We’ll take on the responsibility of maintaining the job’s quality, safety, cost management, and completion.

Front End Loading (FEL)

Savage will always have a plan, especially right out of the gate. From conceptualizing risk to result, we take a proactive stance in order to optimize the potential for your project’s success.

Contract Design

Contracts can be tedious business. Let Savage make sense of the legal jargon for you. We have in-house experts who will design customized contracts for any type of project you’re undertaking.

Our Process: Design Like an Operator

From Pre-FEED (Front End Engineering Design) to commissioning and startup, Savage provides unparalleled value in optimized design while adhering to strict cost and scheduling parameters during construction — all with the highest commitment to safety and quality.

We are operators at our core. Our hands-on experience operating industrial facilities gives us the unique ability to leverage this expertise in each phase of our EPC services, resulting in a highly efficient and safe operation.

Get our 5 Tips to Design Like an Operator 

Produce Better Project Outcomes with Advanced Work Packaging (AWP)

Savage project managers implement and follow protocols for Advanced Work Packaging (AWP). In a nutshell, we make sure your project and those working on it are provided with the proper materials, equipment, and instructions they need to fulfill their tasks. 

Benefits of AWP that span the entire EPC process

  • Increased work productivity
  • Improved process and performance
  • Eliminate idle time
  • Quality results

Our project controls specialists are thoroughly involved in each phase of your project to ensure it stays on-track, on-time, and within budget. They actively manage numerous pieces of the process, including:

  • Cost control
  • Document control
  • Scheduling
  • Procurement
  • Project performance
  • Earned value analysis
  • Accounts receivable
  • Accounts payable
  • Contracts
  • Taxes and insurance

Full-Scope Commissioning

Savage’s commissioning team is identified and involved from the very beginning. As we near project completion, we perform full-scope commissioning to ensure each component of a project operates as designed and according to your facility’s operational requirements.

Whether our role is prime contractor, owner’s rep, at-risk contractor, or owner, Savage’s engineering and construction team has an established reputation for effectively managing complex project scopes, budget, and risk. We even have the resources and ability to finance projects and operate completed facilities, so you never have to run out of options due to budget or manpower constraints.

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