Savage System Tools: Delivering Value You Can Count On

Savage System Tools: Delivering Value You Can Count On

With more than 75 years of experience, Savage has designed, built, and operated new and existing facilities in hundreds of locations around the world. Whether it’s our own facility or one we operate for you, we use the same proprietary systems and tools to create and deliver value that lasts.

We have one goal: from day one, successfully and safely move and manage the materials you count on.

Savage 3DSM: Dig, Diagnose & Design

Our founders shoveled material into Savage’s first truck by hand, but they were always looking for a Better Way. We’re operators at heart who still know how to roll up our sleeves, dig in, and do the hard work to understand how to drive value for you.

Our team uses Savage 3DSM to uncover hidden value and practical ways to deliver that value to you. When we first look at a project we’ll:

  • DIG to understand what drives value for the Customer. We seek to see issues and value from the Customer’s perspective, and then bring in our expertise to enhance value creation.
  • DIAGNOSE the issues and root causes of those issues using data and analytics. We’ll use our operator’s perspective to identify solutions and present insights that fix problems where they begin.
  • DESIGN practical, operational assets, systems, process and solutions that increase operational efficiency and drive value for you, the Customer. Designed with the real-world experience of an operator to increase safety and efficiency.

Savage LaunchSM

We’ve seen operation start-ups go wrong too often, potentially impacting a system or facility for years. Savage LaunchSM is designed to make sure you’re equipped with the Team Members, systems, tools, and training necessary to deliver value from Day 0 on.

Savage LaunchSM bridges Savage 3DSM (designing solutions) and S7SM (operational quality assurance) to effectively transition from construction and commissioning to every day operations.

Our experience developing and executing facility commissioning plans, on-boarding teams, managing systems implementations, assigning startup resources and coordinating with Customers and other areas of site operations is unparalleled. Supporting your critical timelines is a differentiating factor that can give you peace of mind.

Savage S7SM Delivery System

Delivering professional, consistent, safe, and reliable operations are at the heart of the S7SM Delivery System—our quality assurance program. Our teams have been professionally trained to use this proprietary, site-specific Savage S7SM Delivery System to ensure operations exceed Customer’s expectations in seven core areas:

  1. SAFETY, HEALTH & ENVIRONMENT – Every action our Team Members take from start-up to ongoing operations is coupled with an unwavering focus on Safety
  2. CUSTOMER – Our start-up and transition efforts begin with defining what our Customer expects of us so we can achieve, then surpass, expectations
  3. PERFORMANCE – We develop KPIs to keep ourselves accountable and ensure our forthcoming Team Members have strategic direction of what’s important
  4. TEAM – Recruitment, onboarding, and training efforts are supported by in-house experts to build a Team consistent with our culture of safety
  5. COMPLIANCE – Support teams audit regulatory requirements alongside local Savage management to certify the operation will be, and remain, fully compliant
  6. PROFESSIONALISM – As Team Members and equipment move onsite we apply our “5S” program to keep the operation clean, organized and hazard-free
  7. ASSET MANAGEMENT – Our reliability team puts guidelines and a computerized maintenance management system in place to minimize costly downtime and maintain continuity