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Women in Trucking: Creating a Diverse Workplace

Women in the workplace is nothing new, but many industries and businesses continue to grapple with how to best support women (and men) in building successful careers while also promoting a healthy work-life balance. This is especially true in traditionally male-dominated jobs that are becoming more accessible to women, where companies can benefit from having more diversity of thought and experience on their teams. Despite relying on women at home and in the community, society — historically and still today — doesn’t always champion their careers.

This began to change in World War II. In fact, one could say Norman Rockwell’s 1943 painting, Rosie the Riveter, was a major turning point. Here was a woman who capably met the needs of the day in an entirely un-domestic setting, exhibiting traditionally masculine traits like broad shoulders and muscular arms, while still remaining fiercely feminine. Placed as she is in front of Old Glory, there’s no guessing what this woman means in terms of the American ideal.

As staunch advocates for inclusion, Savage works to further diversity at work. This means empowering women, too. We know that with the right tools, they can be the drivers of their own success. This desire has helped to create ample space for women in trucking and other positions where their influence can grow and flourish.

The Women in Trucking Initiative

In an article entitled “Get Ready for the ‘Feminization’ of Blue-collar Jobs,” the author tracks the rising trend of women entering traditionally male-dominated industries. Protective services, manufacturing, and construction have all seen major boosts in female hiring, with some of the biggest bumps occurring in the areas of material handling and supply chain.

This is a good thing. Organizations like Women in Trucking (WIT) help companies increase meaningful diversity at work. Their mission is to encourage the employment of women in transportation.

That doesn’t just mean securing more jobs for women. It also means highlighting their accomplishments. With WIT’s help, employers can take a stand for a flexible work-life balance.

Women in Trucking tackles this in a number of key ways, including:

  • Sponsoring the Accelerate! Conference & Expo
  • Facilitating a mentorship match program
  • Hosting regular webinars
  • Advocating for effective same-gender training
  • Providing resources to community outreach programs

In promoting these advancements, WIT is able to reach out to countless individuals. Regardless of age, or whether these women are within the trucking industry or not, WIT spotlights the potential of the working woman.

Overcoming the Challenges of Diversity at Work

An inclusive company recognizes the needs of its Team Members and addresses them.

Quoting the research of institutions such as the University of Nottingham and the Harvard Business Review, Equalture highlights some of the biggest benefits that inclusivity can bring. According to the data, diverse companies are:

  • Better at solving problems;
  • Better at attracting top talent;
  • Better at growing in new and established markets;
  • Better at reaping high revenue; and
  • Better at establishing brand loyalty.

There are advantages to maintaining an inclusive workplace and a positive work-life balance. That said, more diversity can come with its own unique challenges, as Women in Trucking points out. A diverse set of Team Members makes for a diverse set of needs.

The Women’s Bureau, an agency within the US Department of Labor, outlines the importance of companies to address the needs of working women. This pertains especially to:

  • Parental leave
  • Nursing accommodations
  • The wage gap
  • Advancement opportunities
  • Overcoming bias

While it is important to tackle these difficulties head-on, these issues do not exist in a bubble. Statistically, better parental leave makes for healthier babies and better pay for women makes for a healthier economy. Businesses that are dedicated to the wellbeing of all of their Team Members are those business that address these issues.

Achieving a Better Work-life Balance

Shaping a company to accommodate diversity, equity, and inclusion is no easy feat. Organizations like Women in Trucking set the standard. They applaud successes through the Top Companies for Women award. Savage was proud to earn this recognition in 2022.

As diversity and inclusion grow, a trickle-down effect occurs. Team Members will experience a more enriched work-life balance. Getting this balance right is important for numerous reasons. A healthy work-life balance means:

  • Better productivity in the office;
  • Increased morale;
  • A greater capacity for problem-solving;
  • A better sense of belonging; and
  • Fewer absences due to stress.

Achieving these things makes for a better work environment for Team Members of every race, gender, and title. Currently, there are numerous jobs available at Savage, especially for women in trucking. You can see an updated list of those jobs here.

Together, we can find a better way to promote diversity at work.

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