Production Byproducts Offtake

Savage manages logistics systems to move materials critical to a Customer’s operation. We handle the offtake of production byproducts, such as petroleum coke and sulphur, and deliver them to waste-to-energy facilities and/or chemical plants for further processing.

Security of Offtake

Our refinery Customer sites each produce up to 10,000 tons of petroleum coke and molten sulphur daily. Without regular removal of this waste material, a refinery can be put in bypass, drastically curtailing production of essential products like diesel, gasoline, and jet fuel, costing the plant millions daily.

Savage manages the offtake of these production byproducts, even designing material handling systems to improve a plant’s efficiency.

Let us handle your excess sulphur bulk and petroleum coke products. We’ll safely remove and transport these items to a petroleum or sulphur recovery plant, allowing you to oversee other aspects of your organization’s day-to-day operations.

Sulphur Handling

Savage safely moves molten sulphur from refineries to chemical plants so it can be further processed for additional uses, such as sulfuric acid. It’s then used to produce fertilizers, chemicals, dyes, glass, paper, soaps, textiles, and other goods.

Sulphur byproduct offtake needs to be carefully handled and transported between refineries and chemical plants. Our experienced team of designers, engineers, and operations managers will handle everything with ease and efficiency, ensuring offtake is completed safely and quickly.

Petroleum Coke Cutting and Handling

The final byproduct of oil refining, petroleum coke, needs to be handled and treated very carefully as removing it from drums is extremely dangerous. Savage prevents mishandling with decades of materials management experience and ongoing Team Member training.

Our team utilizes industry best practices and proprietary training systems to safely manage your petroleum coke supply chain. We provide petroleum coke cutting, material handling, stockpiling, and transportation services via truck, rail, and marine vessels.

Let Savage Handle Your Production Byproducts Offtake

If your operation needs help with byproduct handling, including sulphur byproduct handling and petroleum byproduct offtake, Savage will take care of it for you. We provide top-quality services for your industry’s needs so your business’ productivity and efficiency are never sacrificed.

Contact us to learn more about our petroleum coke cutting and byproduct offtake services. We’ll help you navigate this intricate and niche industry, managing all of the details so you can worry about the rest of your operation.

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