Pipe Services

Savage’s well-placed pipe yards offer access by rail or truck, providing you with professional pipe handling, storage, and field delivery.

Inventory Management

We track and manage your pipe inventory at each facility using our digital inventory management system, so you’ll know where your pipe is at every stage of the journey. We operate several full-service Savage and Forth Worth Pipe (FWP) pipe yards in the Bakken, Barnett, Permian, Uinta, Utica, and Marcellus shale plays, including Trenton, ND; Crosby, TX; Big Spring, TX; Dubois, PA; and Sayre, PA.

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Clean and Drift Crews

Our clean and drift crews arrive with the necessary equipment for cleaning and inspecting threads, performing a full-length drift, and providing a digital tally for you.


The oilfield tubular goods industry evolves rapidly, and Savage’s equipment and technical abilities adapt to the market’s needs. Guided by experience, expertise, and stringent quality control, we’are a one-stop shop for your pipe threading needs.


We provide complete in-yard and on-site pipe inspection services including:

  • Hydro-testing
  • Visual thread inspection
  • Full-length drift
  • ID/OD rattling
  • End area inspection
  • EMI (mobile and fixed)
  • Other services as requested


We offer industry-leading safety and reliability in trucking pipe from our locations in the most active and productive basins.