Savage Keeps California Moving with Mack Anthem®

Refineries rely on fleet to keep operations flowing non-stop

Every day, the drivers and the rest of the team at the Wilmington, California, operation of Savage face a daunting, unending challenge. Most of the refineries serving Southern California depend on the Savage team and their blue Mack Anthem® fleet — with its distinctive silver and orange stripe and silver trailers — to safely and reliably transport product from the refining process, helping ensure an uninterrupted flow of refined fuels for consumers in the region.

“We’re really helping to power the lives of the motoring public in California,” says Adam Thompson, vice president of Savage’s Western Production Services Unit. “We can’t do that without Mack tractors.”

The Wilmington fleet transports petroleum coke (“petcoke”) from the refineries to the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, where it is shipped to other markets. Petcoke is the last residual product of the petroleum refining process. It can cause refineries to stop producing if it isn’t regularly hauled away.

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