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CDL-A Trucking Jobs at Savage Help Drive Supply Chain Success

Transportation across the supply chain can be a difficult problem to solve. No matter the industry, many B2B and B2C companies must get products or materials to other destinations. Savage relies on an intermodal transloading solution to encourage short-haul routes and keep emissions low, and the drivers who take on these trucking jobs are essential to its success.

The Big Picture

The influence of an expert driver on the supply chain can be great. Their experience, technical know-how, and attention to detail create success every day. By driving for Savage companies, CDL-A drivers:

  • Help the Customer overcome trouble areas along the first and last miles of the delivery
  • Deliver a wide range of materials essential to agricultural and industrial sectors
  • Play a significant role in the Customer’s success without shouldering the obligations of long-haul loads

Savage places a high priority on these benefits, and hires expert CDL-A drivers for trucking jobs nationwide.

Trucking Jobs Manage First- and Last-Mile Stress

The supply chain is full of stressors. Procurement, assembly, and sales are all aspects that can stop efficiency if managed poorly. This is especially true of transportation.

According to the American Trucking Associations, truckers (many of whom are CDL-A drivers) move over 10 billion tons of freight annually. When working within an intermodal transload model, a driver’s responsibility typically centers around the first and last miles. As a result, trucking jobs are critical in managing process pains at the beginning and the end of a job.

First mile responsibilities may include:

  • Securing loads properly
  • Navigating routes for optimal safety and travel time
  • Upholding state and national transportation laws
  • Coordinating resources with Customers and Team Members before departure

Accordingly, Savage drivers at this stage oversee the loading, weighing of products. Their attention ensures this process is done quickly, safely, and sustainably. Eventually, these materials will be transloaded onto a train for the bulk of the journey. The trucking jobs continue when the train reaches its destination and the cargo must be trucked to the next facility.

These last miles have their own set of challenges and responsibilities, including:

  • Driving the product safely to its assigned destination
  • Maintaining the security of the cargo
  • Interfacing with the Customer and strengthening relationships
  • Adhering to proper recordkeeping standards

Because rail doesn’t offer flexibility to choose dynamic routes, trucking plays a necessary role in getting the cargo across the finish line.

CDL-A Drivers Make a Difference in Multiple Industries

Thanks to a vast network of transload railports, Savage is able to cater to the needs of Customers across North America. And because of this, CDL-A drivers around the country can choose from trucking jobs that benefit various industries.

Savage companies operate within two major verticals: agriculture and industrial infrastructure. On the agricultural side, Bartlett, a Savage Company, focuses on the growing, milling, and processing of natural resources. Drivers who work with Bartlett are then instrumental in distributing products that help feed the world, namely:

  • Fertilizer
  • Bulk and bag flour
  • Soybeans
  • Food-grade corn
  • All classes of wheat

On the infrastructure side, Savage’s CDL-A drivers complete critical short-haul routes to deliver industrial products. These materials help accomplish Savage’s goal to power our lives, and these trucking jobs are essential to the transloading framework. By working hand-in-hand with trains and sea vessels, drivers can haul dry and liquid bulk such as:

  • Coal
  • Fly ash
  • Nitrates
  • Petroleum products
  • Chemicals

Savage moves a number of materials, and every CDL-A driver plays an important role in serving the Customer. Regardless of the industry these trucking jobs contribute to, Savage’s expert drivers make a difference. They may also enjoy benefits like short haul routes that make these jobs more desirable.

The Benefits of Short-Haul Routes with Savage

When sifting through the various trucking jobs that are available, a CDL-A driver may have some concerns on the nature of the work itself and what is being asked of them. Such worries might include:

  • How long they will be away from their families and homes,
  • How familiar they may be with their routes, and
  • Meeting hours of service requirements.

For the majority of Savage’s trucking jobs, short-haul routes are the preferred method of operation. As such, many of these concerns are able to be addressed. Those who drive with Savage have more opportunity to work set hours and return home each day. These short hauls also allow them to become familiar with their cargo, their routes, and the needs of the Customer.

Safety, too, becomes a major factor. The more comfortable a CDL-A driver feels on the road, and the more familiar they are with their surroundings, the greater the chance they have at being safe. Regarding the safety of truck drivers, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has published a set of guidelines to bear in mind. These include requirements over hours of service and short-haul exemptions.

When it comes to optimizing the Customer’s supply chain and driving their success, these CDL-A trucking jobs are essential. They are the necessary link that helps all kinds of critical cargo make it to its destination. Their expertise and experience play a key role in safety and efficiency, and they play a key role at Savage.

Savage encourages all CDL-A drivers who are interested in driving with Savage to visit our careers page.